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For over ten years now social media has played a huge part in our personal lives, connecting friends on a daily basis who live on different continents, and bringing families together where distance has made it impossible.

But in the last few years we have seen a surge in social media also being used for businesses. However, many people still struggle to identify with social media as a platform for business and as a result have not engaged with it on this level, and are missing out on some crucial connections and presence and therefore missing out on some fantastic business opportunities.

As a company we want to support start-ups, smaller businesses and anyone who is not yet using social media to benefit their company! We want to show people the huge benefits that a social media presence can have on their business.

We also know how time consuming it can be to find great content and then post it out in the hope that someone will like, comment or share, and this can also be a factor in companies not using social media to its full advantage.

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