Julie Showering Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Julie Showering offers solution-focused Hypnotherapy for issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, sleep disorders and many other problems.

Julie helps you to change negative thoughts into positive ones through hypnotherapy. This will help you to worry less and live a more fulfilling life. Hypnotherapy only works for those clients who are committed to creating positive changes in their lives.

Located in the Ridgewood Community Centre, Yate, Julie also offers: Reiki (a hands-on healing therapy bringing about deep relaxation), Sound Healing (Relaxing to the sound of Gongs, Singing Bowls and other instruments) and Chakra Dancing Classes every Wednesdays at 09.30am in the Conference Hall.


The Cottage, Ridgewood Community Centre, 244 Station Road, Yate BS37 4AF
Click/Tap to Revealjulieshowering@gmail.com

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