Crispin Rhodes

Enjoy straightforward HR help and advice for the real world

Are employee issues tying you up in knots? With Crispin Rhodes on your side, you enjoy easy-to-follow advice and hands-on help with your HR – whatever the issue and whatever your industry.

No company that has followed Crispin Rhodes’ advice has ever successfully been taken to a tribunal or has ever fallen foul of any HR-related legal minefield. Employment contracts, employee handbooks, policies and procedures, disciplinary and grievance issues, recruitment and psychometric profiling, redundancy, retirement legislation, absence and performance management, maternity, paternity and adoption issues, mediation procedures – these can all trip up even the most astute manager.

That’s why Crispin Rhodes works with companies like yours to provide common- sense advice and swift navigation through an area of business that can sometimes leave you feeling exasperated.


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