Consilium Asset Management

Consilium Asset Management have been providing expert financial advice to clients throughout the Bristol area for more than 15 years.  

We provide expert financial planning not because it’s ‘just a job’, but because we believe that it can help our clients achieve much more with their lives. This isn’t about having enough money to pay the mortgage or your children’s university fees, but being able to explore, discover, and expand your horizons without worrying about how you can afford to do so. If every journey begins with a single step, then sound financial planning helps to put a decent pair of shoes on your feet, so you can make that journey in comfort!

The result of shifting our approach to being client-centric rather than results-focused is that the returns have been extraordinarily successful. This makes our job much more rewarding than the usual financial advisors role, and encourages us to try harder, deliver more and ultimately take that journey with you.


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